Fixture Design

Installations are without doubt one of the most integral components of store design. They define the quality and price range of the merchandise, and hold the interior design properties of sales floors in the balance. Whether they are sleek and modern or rustic and vintage, in good condition or not, the colors, the heights, the carry capacity, the placement, the sharp corners, the materials and the overall functionality of the piece all play a part in fixture design.

But the parameters are the most important part: will the design actually perform the necessary function of the retailer. For example: all the wall space is occupied with shelving and previous merchandise, but a new line in coming in and must be housed on the floor. A fixture must serve this purpose, or else it is worthless.

In considering my future career, I am highly intrigued by fixture design and intend to create several fixtures to suit certain parameters as are voiced by retailers. To me, that sounds like a dream job.

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