How Big Does a Shopping Cart Need to Be?

pennies in shopping cart

pennies in shopping cart









What if grocery stores only offered hand baskets? People would cram as much as they could into one, but the weight would cause them to shop shorter because of the heaviness. Heavy items like gallons of milk or jars of pickles would be more carefully considered and ultimately, less purchased. Mothers would bring their whole families along so that everyone could carry a basket, which would make the store noiser, whinier, and more crowded. Sounds like a fatal mistake for the grocery stores’ sales, right?

Of course, a paper goods store should only offer a hand basket, because their items are small and light, but as a customer walks throughout the store, it is likely they will want to choose more than they can carry all at once.

Apparel stores should offer shopping bags, the reusable sort. These are less bulky than baskets and are much more comfortable to carry about.

So consider your merchandise, and know that average transaction goes up when stores make necessary assistance more available to customers.

You can’t know how much shoppers will buy until you’ve made the shopping experience as comfortable and easy and practical as possible.

-Paco Underhill, “Why We Buy”

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