I Volunteer

As I have no official business/design firm and am not yet a professional, though I am nearing a time where I will be charging for my services. However, I most certainly intend to gain experience, which leaves me with the option to volunteer.

I am capable of completing the following services, at which no cost will be involved, only the ability to have photos for my portfolio and experiences to speak of. Which leaves you nothing to lose, except the possibility of allowing me to improve your store image.

With the help of photographs and sketches, all these services can easily be accomplished online.

  • Window Displays
  • Fixture Designs (not manufacture)
  • Store Layouts
  • Product Placement Consulting
  • Signage Wording & Design
  • Visual Merchandising Consulting
  • Mannequin Styling Consulting

Just fill out the form below if you are interested or if you have questions and I’ll get right back to you!

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