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Shopping Baskets – A Key to Increasing Sales



Everyone nowadays has their hands full. We go shopping, we are carrying our briefcases, handbags, coats, gloves, etc. We do not have enough hands for everything. Chapter 4 of “Why We Buy” is titled “You Need Hands”. 

Their studies have shown that customers are unlikely to pick up baskets on their own, though almost always accept one when they are carrying at least 3 items in their hands. Once they have the basket, their carrying capacity increases and they are more likely to select more merchandise because they are not limited to what they can balance in their arms. Average transaction goes up, customers have been given excellent service, and another day passes in the world of retail. 

At my work, a clothing retailer, we have a similar notion about the volume someone will try on after they have selected too many items to carry. If someone is carrying at least 2 items, we offer to start them a fitting room. Their arms are emptied and ready to choose more items, they will go to the fitting room (which increases the possibility of a sale) and we provide excellent service all at once. It’s a win-win. 

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